Language Lab-

The Language Lab comprises  Provided Master Consol LLS-200, Student Units with Microphone, Amplifier DPA 770 and SSB 45 (AHUJA) – 2, Head Phone with Volume Control – 22, Class Room Speaker – 1, Wire 7 core shielded, CD’S, Videos, DVD’S related with different Language like  Hindi, English and Urdu. In this Lab – 20 Units of student’s teacher can work at a time. Different types or Language Books are available in this language lab.
Objectives of Language Lab:

  1. To Prepare the student to take up tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign University entry eligibility tests.
  2. To think and speak in English.
  3. To improve phonetic skill.
  4. To develop effective communication skill.
  5. To develop confidence to carry out a simple conversation.
  6. To conduct a focused discussion.
  7. To look at issues from a critical perspective.
  8. To assess them for their merits and de-merits.
  9. To arrive at result based on studies and objective evolution.

Basic Function and Application of Language Console :