Todays Era is Computer Era. We all know the importance of computers in our daily life almost all the departments are working with the help of computers. a well equipped computer lab with facility of internet is available for the students to make them eligible to handle the computer for their technical development.

Proper consideration is given for the use of ICT while implementing the curriculum. In which student teachers learn working and the use of all the technological aids available in the college. They also learn the skill of handling these equipments and their effective use in teaching learning process. Teacher provides necessary instructions to the students regarding the course content and skills regarding the use of these equipments.

There is provision in the curriculum for imparting computer skills to all the students. By implementing the subject computer education basic computer skills are imparted to the students. They are taught about information technology, internet, e-mail etc. Provision of discipline of computer education and computer application is there in the curriculum and this made the process easier for the institution for making student-teachers aware of the role of ICT in education. In this the students are taught about MS Word, MS Excel, and Power Point Presentation and Application software. Various books on computer education are also available in the library.